The loss of friends.

When people told me in High School that you wont keep in touch with all of your friends after High School i never listened to them. Now that i am in college the realization of growing up has hit me like a freight train. The closest friends i had in high school are slowly fading away. My best friend Dustin Isbell moved to kentucky and lost contact with him. Then my best friend Seth McAdams got a new girl friend and stopped talking to me. My step brother who i grew up with moved to oregon. My best friend Tyler King Moved with him. My best friend Ben Hopkins stopped talking to me as well. It seems the only friend i have left is cody James. Keep you friends close because you will miss them.


My Thanksgiving

I had to go to three Thanksgiving’s, this is because my parents are divorced. My sister who had her own Thanksgiving made the third one i went to. The first one was at my dad’s and it went really well. I had basically been starving myself for this day and i think i ate a little to much here because by the time i made it to my moms i could barley eat anything. This worried me because i still had one more to go to. Lucky for me my sister understood though so i didn’t really eat anything over at her house.

first semester of college

My first semester of college has been about a six on a scale of a ten. This is because i came to college not expecting the amount of work i had. I didn’t realize a lot of college would be doing a lot by yourself at home. A real struggle i had was juggling work and school. Now that the semester is coming to an end it seems as though there is more work to be done than ever. Now that i know what to expect i really think my next semester will be a lot better.


On Black Friday I went to three stores. The first store i went to wasn’t as bad i thought it was going to be. This store is Kmart. A lady decided to get in front of me in line. I didn’t like this so i kicked her really hard. I got kicked out. The second store i went to was a lot worse. This was Walmart. Walmart had a million people in it and i had to push people out of my way. The third store i went was very empty because i got there late. I didn’t get what i wanted so i threw a book at the cashier. This was at Hastings. I went home after this.

Personal narrative

I really liked the personal narrative we did in class. It really made me think about who meant the most to me in high school. For me that was Mrs. Small. She really helped me through high school and she was like a personal tutor for me.

Juggling Work and school.

Juggling work and school can be really hard sometimes. I know it’s hard for me. I work at Dot Foods in Cambridge. I work twenty hours a week there. Some tips i can give to other people that works for me is never work above twenty hours and on your breaks try to get some studying done.

Math. The hardest class I’m taking.

The hardest class I’m taking in school right now is math M123. Through high school i was always really good at math so i have no idea why i am having so much trouble now. One possibility as to way I’m having so much trouble is because its been years sense i have been in a math class. My last math class was in my sophmore year in high school.

First week at college. M

My first week a college was a little crazy. On a scale of one to ten It was about a 5. This is because i had no idea where my classes were at first. When i finally did find them i was really nervous. To cap it all off I found out i was following the wrong schedule. After i finally got it all figured out i was a little behind in all of my classes. My second week was a lot better sense i was going to the right classes. I would say my second week was an 8.