Personal narrative

I really liked the personal narrative we did in class. It really made me think about who meant the most to me in high school. For me that was Mrs. Small. She really helped me through high school and she was like a personal tutor for me.


Juggling Work and school.

Juggling work and school can be really hard sometimes. I know it’s hard for me. I work at Dot Foods in Cambridge. I work twenty hours a week there. Some tips i can give to other people that works for me is never work above twenty hours and on your breaks try to get some studying done.

Math. The hardest class I’m taking.

The hardest class I’m taking in school right now is math M123. Through high school i was always really good at math so i have no idea why i am having so much trouble now. One possibility as to way I’m having so much trouble is because its been years sense i have been in a math class. My last math class was in my sophmore year in high school.

First week at college. M

My first week a college was a little crazy. On a scale of one to ten It was about a 5. This is because i had no idea where my classes were at first. When i finally did find them i was really nervous. To cap it all off I found out i was following the wrong schedule. After i finally got it all figured out i was a little behind in all of my classes. My second week was a lot better sense i was going to the right classes. I would say my second week was an 8.