The loss of friends.

When people told me in High School that you wont keep in touch with all of your friends after High School i never listened to them. Now that i am in college the realization of growing up has hit me like a freight train. The closest friends i had in high school are slowly fading away. My best friend Dustin Isbell moved to kentucky and lost contact with him. Then my best friend Seth McAdams got a new girl friend and stopped talking to me. My step brother who i grew up with moved to oregon. My best friend Tyler King Moved with him. My best friend Ben Hopkins stopped talking to me as well. It seems the only friend i have left is cody James. Keep you friends close because you will miss them.


One thought on “The loss of friends.

  1. Yes it does suck. I am fortunate enough to have played a high school sport where we spent sooo much time together for four years that we created an inseparable bond. However, I have lost contact with some friends. I recommend you join groups and clubs at your college/university. Its never too late to meet new people and network!


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